Why choose DBC Property?

Innovative Marketing, Maximum Value, Superior Services

Choose DBC Property and only pay R 45,000 fixed commission when selling your residential property, no matter the value of your property.

The higher your property’s value, the more you save!

For Example

Traditional Estate Agents will charge you, ±8,5% of your property’s value to market your property. Therefore, if you sell your property worth R 1 Million, you will be charged R85 000 commission by a traditional estate agent.

When using DBC Property you pay a fixed commission of only R45,000. As part of our unique client value model, we list your property for R 1,085 000 (at the same price as listed by other estate agents). The advantage when using DBC Property is that when your property gets sold you receive the difference between the amount a traditional estate agent will charge you R85,000 minus the DBC Property fixed commission offering of R 45,000. Which means you put more than R40,000 cash back in your pocket. No other estate agency in SA currently offers a seller cash back in their pocket.

How Much Can You Save?

What's Your Property Worth?

R 4,200,000

Agent's Commission


You could save with DBC Property up to

R 178,401

Get more value, for less money?

  • Our experienced, professional in-house conveyancing attorneys are registered on the bank panels of all major banks in SA including- Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank and ABSA.  When using DBC Property to buy or sell a property you will save time and money because we do everything in-house therefore ensuring hands-on attention, quicker turnaround times and more savings. As a client of the DBC Group of companies you will benefit from our affordable group rates and tariffs for all related services as well.

  • Our user-friendly website, social media footprint, large subscriber database, combined with our unique approach to marketing your property, ideally position us to get your property sold as quick as possible.

  • Our marketing team is the best in the business and have more than 10 YEARS of experience in marketing and selling properties using traditional marketing techniques and combining it with new generation online platforms and social media marketing.

Use a portion of the money you save towards getting your property sold quicker. 

We have designed the following options for you to choose from to improve the saleability of your property:

Option 1 – Attract more buyers by discounting your property’s sale price (Use a portion of your savings to discount your property and get it sold quicker).

Option 2 – Boost your property’s marketing (Use a portion of your savings to boost your property’s marketing activity, by selecting any of the add on marketing tools to get your property sold quicker).

Option 3 – Cash in on your savings - when selecting this option, you receive the total savings amount in your pocket, on successful transfer of your property.

Use the money we save you, to choose one or more of the value options above and get your house sold faster, or put the full savings amount back in your pocket. DBC Property “Creating Value and disrupting the property market as we know it “.

DBC Property "Creating Value and disrupting the property market as we know it"

We’re turning the traditional way of selling properties on its head!


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